What does Panetiere Revenue Generation - Sales & Marketing do?

#1 Taskforce, interim - your bench

If you have a vacancy on your team, using Panetiere taskforce gives you
the luxury of time to find the right person to join your team.
You don’t have to be in hurry.

Meanwhile, our team members focus on gaining revenue,
prospecting for new business, and increasing revenue share.

#2 Discovery and fixes

We have your back - with analysis, assessment,
revenue management and marketing execution.

And the ways that we do this are . . .

pie cahrt of panetiere revenue generation work - task force sales for hotels and hotel consulting

Lets look at our hotel Taskforce options first . . .
Hotel Sales and Catering Taskforce
- the "Bench" for our hotel and resort clients

How can our sales, catering and conference services task force team members
bring value to our clients' hotels?

Hotel Sales tak Force

603-775-4548What is the Panetiere Revenue difference in their hotel task force teamsHow quickly can task force sales get to a hitel?worryinglyWho can do Task Force sales for hotels?

What benefits do our hotel sales and catering task force team

members bring to our clients?

The top nine:

  1. Connect with Panetiere for hotels asles and catering taskforceThe urgency of hiring quickly to fill a vacant chair is removed, while production is maintained or increased.
    1. Open positions?
      now, our partners can take the time to find and hire the right fit, not any fit.

  2. The market at risk for not being serviced and mined to the same level is no longer at risk.

  3.  A "new to the hotel", talented and highly skilled sales manager may well uncover different, additional pathways to increased revenue than might have been used before.

  4. The hotel's own team members will not overloaded with other work so their productivity is maintained, while management can hold them accountable to original goals.

  5.  The regional director or VP does not have to step in and cover the chair, with the attendant loss of macro oversight.

  6. The vacant chair will be covered by a person more skilled, more talented than it may be possible to find and hire within the market.

  7. (580) 242-3715Management will get a fresh, neutral perspective from our team player about the role and its opportunity.

  8. Adaptability - the GM or DOS can terminate the engagement at just two weeks notice.

  9. High ROI
    1. The hotel does not pay bonus, does not pay benefits, does not take on any commitment other than a two week window for closing out task force.
      The investment in task force is met by an ROI that can kick in rapidly.
      There is no "ramp-up" time as for an employee. We have to perform right after we check-in.
      Sometimes before we check-in. And there are some good stories about that.

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